Become A Member


Currently, the Walton County Bar Association, Inc. (“WCBA”) has two classes of membership. The classes and their respective eligibility requirements are described below:

Active Member. An attorney will be eligible to become an active member of WCBA if: (1) the attorney is an active member in good standing of any state or federal bar of the United States, according to its published records, and (2) he or she (a) has a Walton County address, as listed in such records, (b) is employed within the court system of the Alcovy Circuit, or (c) otherwise practices law in Walton County, as determined by the President or the Secretary/Treasurer in his or her discretion.

Legacy Member. An individual will be eligible to become a legacy member of WCBA if: (1) the individual has been an active member of WCBA and (2) he or she has ceased being eligible for active membership due to his or her retirement from the practice of law.
An active member’s membership for a fiscal year (July 1st through the next succeeding June 30th) ends on the last day of the fiscal year; however, an active member’s membership for the next succeeding fiscal year will continue without interruption if he or she reapplies for membership and pays his or her dues by July 31 of that next succeeding fiscal year.

All active members must reapply for membership each year.


Dues for an active member are:

Annual dues must be paid on or before July 31 of each year. Dues are $75.00, unless (1) you are employed in the public sector or by a private non-profit organization, or (2) you have been admitted to practice law less than two years before July 31, in which cases annual dues are $35.00.

No refund of all or part of the dues paid by an active member will be made unless the dues were paid by mistake of fact, as determined by the Board of Directors, and the member makes a written request for the refund within the fiscal year for which the dues were paid.

Note: There is a $3.00 fee for dues payments submitted online.

Legacy Members - There are no dues for a legacy member.