The Walton County Bar Association, Inc. (“WCBA”) is interested in ideas for projects that would support its mission as well as suggestions on how to improve this website.  Also, WCBA will address any questions about information on this website.

The contact information for WCBA is:

Walton County Bar Association, Inc.

c/o Anne Templeton LaMalva, President WCBA

P.O. Box 109

Monroe, GA 30655

(770) 483-6557



  1. WCBA does not provide legal advice or representation to any person.
  2. You should not provide confidential or time-sensitive information to WCBA.  WCBA will not have any d
  3. uty or responsibility to treat any information that you provide as confidential or to act upon the information in any manner or in any time frame.
  4. WCBA does not have disciplinary authority over its members concerning their law practices.  Also, WCBA cannot take action on any complaint about a WCBA member from a non-member.  If you are experiencing difficulties with a lawyer, you should contact the State Bar of Georgia.