WCBA had a very successful 2013-2014 fiscal year.  As a quick summary:

  • WCBA co-sponsored with ICLE (the Institute of Continuing Legal Education) a 6-hour CLE seminar entitled “Today’s Practice: What You don’t Know That You Need to Know.”  The seminar was favorably received by a standing-room only audience in the Jury Assembly Room of the Walton County Government Building.
  • WCBA celebrated Law Day in Walton County, hosting a community forum “Serving on a Jury: The Right and Duty of a Citizen.”  The Walton Tribune reported on the observance.  (See the May 2014 post under the News tab)
  • WCBA won a Law Day Award from the State Bar of Georgia for its community forum “Serving on a Jury: The Right and Duty of a Citizen.”  (See the June 2014 post under the News tab.)

WCBA’s objective for the 2014-2015 year is to continue building programs and activities that serve its members and the community.  And we would like you to join us!  Please use the tabs above to read the eligibility and dues requirements and, if you are eligible, to download an application.